Since last night my stomach has been feeling bloated like a heavy weight covered in pain. Over 15 years ago I was told I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which I laughed at. Because back then that was a catch all excuse from doctors just as fibromyalgia was … which I also laughed at when diagnosed with that.

Well obviously laughing at it was marking me for disaster … lol. A few years after they diagnosed me with IBS I began having severe pain in my abdomen and pelvic with severe pain slicing through it at times it felt like electricity but always had a severe heavy pain to it which was constant. I remembered one day it was so severe I actually took the advice of the doctor who diagnosed me years earlier I drank metamucil and holy moly … it worked for me. I was shocked. Did I have IBS now? Because I did have serious doubt about it years earlier I was never in as much pain when I was diagnosed.

As far as IBS, I do not know what illness it originated from or if it was stand alone illness with all I had. Normally I have IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Diarrhea) the other form others can have is IBS-C (C = Constipation). But on average I am IBS-D with the exception when the pain kicks in like stated above then I am suspecting I am IBS-C because the metamucil helps greatly with the pain. Is there anyone else who suspects both at time?

Currently, I believe I am in a bout of IBS-C because the pain is excruciating right now. I have been having the pain since last night and will be grabbing the metamucil here shortly to relieve the pain and avoid it from getting worse. I am an odd duckling though. I am currently having diarrhea and having the pains severely but when my stomach feels bloated it is normally IBS-C. So your guess is as good as mine. The good thing is I haven’t had severe IBS symptoms for about a year so that is not too bad at all.

I do however do have diarrhea every morning, I do think that is due to the CEBV and my body trying to prepare itself for the day. When I get up too early my body fights me relentlessly. I will bounce off walls, my legs will drag, vertigo is severe, words do not come out right just to name a few.

Life is fun! LOL! Stay Strong All!