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My daily vitamin regimen & other supplies below: (updated on 6/2017)
What I take Daily is marked with ** proceeding the vitamin. This is a list of the vitamins I have tried with out experiencing adverse reactions. So, for my reference and convenience. All links open in new windows. Keep in mind the vitamins I take can be taken for CEBV, MS and/or Lupus. You can search each and they help in various ways. Good luck!

Please be aware if I list 2 links under a vitamin it is for alternative options and convenience for cheaper pricing, do not take both at same time. Do not take all the ones listed simultaneously! Just offering options that I may use in case multivitamins or B-complexes are discontinued or sold out.


  • Methyl-B12: **1000mcg or 5000mcg 1-2x a day. Helps a little bit of everything. Highly recommended if you are experiencing leg and/or feet pains or have diabetes. This helps to maintain and/or lower glucose to appropriate level. Also, helps with Gout Arthritis by expelling the uric acid out of the body and liver.. I know. Also a must if you have MTHFR.

Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin **1000mcg

Jarrow Formulas Methylcobalamin 5000mcg

Methylcobalamin B12 by Wonder Laboratories 5000mcg


  • Methyl-Folate: 800mcg – 1000mcg 1x a day. Goes hand in hand with the Methyl-B12.

Solgar – Folate 800 mcg

Life Extension Optimized Folate 1000mcg


  • Methyl-B Complex:

High Potency Activated B-Complex High Bioavailability

Activated B-Complex High Bioavailability


  • ** SmartyPants a multivitamin with high quality forms of each vitamin along with activated forms of B vitamins. I take the recommended dosage daily. I take the women’s formula. I did list the adult formula as well … my son takes that one. The good thing about these vitamins is that they also have fish oil, coq10, vit k and others that are nice. Will thin blood due to fish oil and coq10 in women’s vitamins.

SmartyPants Women’s Complete Gummy Vitamins

SmartyPants Adult Complete Gummy Vitamins


  • ** D3: 1x a day

NOW Foods Vitamin D3 5000 Iu

Doctor’s Best Vitamin D3 5000iu


  • ** Vitamin C: 1x a day

NOW Vitamin C-1000 Sustained Release


  • ** L-Lysine: 1x a day

NOW L-lysine 500 mg


  • ** Magnesium (chelated form): 1-3x a day

Doctor’s Best High Absorption Magnesium


  • ** Zinc: 1/2 pill a day

NOW Zinc Gluconate 50mg


  • ** Turmeric / Curcumin: 1x a day. Helps with inflammation. Does thin blood. Take with caution. If bleeding or nose bleeds starts quit immediately. Some of the suggested doses on the bottles are high so take minimal amount due to being on blood thinner.

Turmeric Curcumin Complex with Black Pepper

Life Extension Super Bio-curcumin


  • **Selenium 1x a day

Selenium 180ct 200mcg


  • ** Melatonin for sleep: 1-2x a night

Natrol Melatonin 5 Mg


  • Full Spectrum Minerals: 2 Tabs a day. (No longer the same formula, not recommended unless you find the tablets. The capsules are a different formula which will cause a flare.)


  • Silymarin (aka Milk Thristle): 1 cap every other day as needed for liver/kidney pains.  Rotate with NOW Liver Detox and Rejuvenator for 7 days then return to Silymarin for the remainder of the month then repeat. This helps to clean out your liver, kidney and lymph nodes. I also drink cherry juice (Juicy Juice 100% juice) to assist in cleaning out my liver and cranberry juice for the kidneys…at least every other day. If I am experiencing either liver or kidney pains I have noticed that drinking it slowly relieves the pain.

Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle

Silymarin Milk Thistle Liver Cleanser

NOW Liver Detoxifier & Regenerator


  • ** Epsom salt & baking soda baths:  2-3 soaks a week. I have found taking epsom salt & baking soda baths to be more effective. Epsom salt baths help in expelling toxins / waste out of the body and lymph nodes through the wrists and the bottom of the feet.

Baking soda – big bag 13.5 pounds

Baking soda – big bag  12 pounds from walmart

Epsom salt 8 pounds. walmart has a great price when available

Epsoak Epsom Salt 19.7 pounds


  • ** CBD Oil: This helps with a lot of various pains, seizures and helps me sleep better too. You can vape it or get the drops. The following is the most popular sources for buying. Also, keep in mind this is legal in all 50 states. It is cbd oil from hemp.

CW Hemp – everyday  or everyday plus drops. Sign up for newsletter for specials and coupon codes. BTW! Visit the site and register from this link, and we’ll both get rewards points towards future purchases! Create an account now! Awesome!

Cloud9Hemp – for vaping and has various flavors. They have a coupon code for new customers on the home page.


  • **Dimetabb – cold and allergy: as needed for sore, swollen throat which is common with EBV. Generic forms work well too … just FYI!


  • ** Metamucil and Generic Forms: for irritable bowel syndrome and overall health. 1x every other day. I rotate it out with the probiotics. One day metamucil the next the probiotics then repeat. Helps w/ digestion which is important with EBV.

Equate – Fiber Therapy – Smooth Texture

Equate – Fiber Therapy: Walmart


  • ** Probiotics: 1x every other day. Rotate it out with metamucil.

Digestive Enzymes Plus Prebiotics & Probiotic


  • Flaxseed Oil: 1x a day. (Great alternative to fish oil) (thins blood)

Nature Made Flaxseed Oil 1,000 mg 180 count

Nature Made Flaxseed Oil 1000mg 100 count


  • Fish Oil: 1-3x a day.

Nature Made Fish Oil 1000 Mg 250 count (thins blood)


  • Aspirin: 325mg, 1x a day. (I am now on a prescription blood thinner)


  • ** For Liver and Kidney: I drink cranberry and juicy juice 100% cherry juice to help cleanse them and rid toxins / waste. At least once a week unless the kidney or liver is acting up then more.


** Other items I use often or everyday for various symptoms / pain:

The Original Headache Hat Wearable Ice Pack – helps w/ head, neck and shoulder pain. This is a total life saver versus holding other ice packs around my head. I can wrap it around my head and it stays put so I can do other things around the house.

Relaxzen 10-Motor Massage Mat – also has heat and keeps mind off of pain

Premium Quality Bed Pad, Quilted, Waterproof – great when having bladder issues

LUCID 10 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress – so much better then bed w/ springs

Under Armour Women’s Slides w/ 4D Memory Foam – helps with pain on bottom of feet

Isotoner Therapeutic Open-Finger Gloves – helps with joint pains in hands and wrist

Ultra Flex Athletics | Best Knee Brace & Support – great for my knee which I have an incompetent ACL

Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Left & Right Brace – for electric pain shooting from my elbow to my hand. I wear it while I sleep and I do not need it during the day unless it’s really flaring but wearing at night only keeps it at bay.

Neo G Medical Grade Dorsolumbar Lower/Mid/Upper Back Brace – helps with keeping my back in alignment which relieves some of the pain caused by my back issues and spinal cord.

Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves – helps with circulation in legs and also helps me not faint so much … lol. Better than compression stockings.

Hallomall Luxury Aluminum Motion Lights Great if you have a positive romberg sign and have problems in the dark so it lights your way.

Sunbeam King Size Xpress Heating Mat – Great for areas needing heat on them

Sunbeam Quilted Fleece Heated Blanket, Queen Personally, I keep this on my bed and throw my quilts over top of this. I keep it there so when I get cold or my body temp drops I can set it to high to warm me up. It works great!

Aller-Ease Cotton Hypoallergenic Body Pillow I use this between my legs while I sleep so it supports my entire legs all the way down to my feet. This helps to avoid pains running up from my feet into my legs and hips. Body Pillow Case does not come with pillow.

Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow  Helps with me for sleeping on my back and side to help keep my spine in alignment. The average size is for most adults but you need to measure from your shoulder to your neck for the perfect fit. Click here for info on measuring.

Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager Great for sore feet. My feet hurt all the time and this does help get the pain out for a little while after use but feels wonderful while doing it. It helps me forget about the pain.

I will add more as I think of it … brain fog. I do however have my house set up so everything is very comfortable / easy to me. Maybe I’ll create a blog post about that … lol. When I do I will link it here.




4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kay d
    Aug 18, 2014 @ 05:13:44

    hi i was diagnosed ebv i had mono once when i was 9 years old and its reoccurred 4 times, because it lives in my white blood cell after catching it one time. i was told i had ebv about 6 months ago. since then i have developed swollen lympnodes in my neck, and a tumor like bumb around it. im 20 years old. not only that,but i HAVE factor v. so i researched ebv and factor 5 and they are discovering that it is linked together. i am in the process of going to the doctor and making sure this bump isnt lymphoma cuz its related to ebv, i was wondering if anything like that happend with your case? also i was allergic to alot of major foods such as gluten and milk etc for about 5 years then my allergys went away and they are now reoccurring with rashes but no as bad as they used to be . i feel like my body sees everything as poison that i put in it, and i think im at high risk for cancer or something. also after being told i have ebv it really made me sick caused multiple utis kidney infections yeast infections and all that, then the symptoms disappeared for about 2 months and they are back at full you have any insight on this? i wonder if people with factor v are born with ebv and it builds up and then one day just destorys ur health


    • Libby
      Apr 19, 2017 @ 11:29:21

      Hello Kay, so sorry for the delay. I have been dealing with massive health problems as well. Just curious have you’ve been checked for the mthfr mutation? I have that along with the factor v leiden mutation. I know I can only take certain vitamins 1. if they are the B vitamins they need to be the activated for or more bioavailable 2. if it is other vitamins they need to be the chelated forms or my body goes into a massive flare and lymph nodes swell. I have been having kidney and liver issues since I was in my teens and since then I always drink cranberry juice and juicy juice 100% cherry juice no sugar added. This helps clean out the toxins in the liver and kidneys also taking methyl-b12 helps and epsom salt baths and baking soda baths … I mix both in my bath to help rid toxins from the lymph nodes. Be sure to point your toes and move your feet and wrists to help the process. I take a bath like this once a week. I know from research I did that the ebv takes the B pathways and having mthfr just makes it easier to effect us giving us the chronic form vs the other 98% of the world who has the virus but has no symptoms. I know mine is chronic and everyday is like a new battle with me just trying to make it through the day. I will be updating my recommended list for vitamins, etc in the next few days. There is a multivitamin I started taking with the methylated forms of the B vitamins. It also has the higher quality vitamins in it so it’s more easily absorbed it’s called smarty pants women’s vitamins. Also, I always drink the cranberry and cherry juice at least once a week unless my kidneys and liver is really acting up then more. I have rashes from time to time but I am really unsure what is causing it. I actually want to be tested for lupus just to rule it in/out. My hands and feet along with my face gets a burning, itchy, painful rash from time to time. I think anyone with ebv is at higher risk for cancer. They have tested me over the years for it as well due to high wbc but then came back and stated it was just due to inflammation. And they rechecked when I was in the hospital last year. Big hugs and I hope this helps.


  2. CEBV: Do Not Suddenly Stop Taking Vitamins | Laugh and Live with CEBV, CFS and MTHFR
    Jun 07, 2017 @ 15:39:23

    • Libby
      Jun 08, 2017 @ 16:31:37

      The only problems with getting the form you described is that most the time it is expensive. Unfortunately with all vitamins already being taken for ebv is already pretty expensive but at least they last several weeks.


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