Torticollis … just one more symptom

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Years ago, I woke up and couldn’t turn my head and the pain ran from my neck into my head. I took various prescription medicines to no avail but nothing helped. After several days of being in pain I finally decided to go to the hospital. They ran tests for meningitis and did a CT scan. When the doctor returned to my room he said it was the worse case of torticollis he saw.

The doctor then prescribed robaxin 500mg 3x a day, naproxen 400mg every 6-8 hrs and percocets every 4 hours and was told to put ice on it for the first few days and heat thereafter. Remarkably it helped … Thank You God! Because it was the worst case the doctor ever saw he asked if I needed 4-6 weeks off from work to recover but I declined because I am a stay at home mom so what do we do … the best we can for our kids and keep moving.

The reason I am writing this is to inform you of torticollis. I am not sure why this has happened to me or what condition it is related to but wanted to give everyone the heads up. It was so severe I couldn’t turn or lift my chin up. I love my coffee and I resorted to using a straw … that was literally the straw that broke the camels back. All I tasted was a melting, burnt straw … yuck! Plus I am a talker so the torticollis prevented me from doing as much talking and laughing was painful.

After the first initial bout of torticollis every winter thereafter it would flare up again and again and again. It continued until I was placed on robaxin 500mg 3x daily then it stopped.

The last time I went to the hospital the torticollis was so severe when I swallowed I’d hear a thud and it would hurt so bad. Once again they checked me for meningitis but it came up negative and once again torticollis was confirmed. When I had problems swallowing and breathing it did scare me. I was afraid that it would get so severe it block my airway but one neurologist said no that could not happen which I still am in denial for that because of the way it felt and I trust how I feel over what a doctor says.

Big hugs to all. If you have questions write them in the comments below.




IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Day!

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Since last night my stomach has been feeling bloated like a heavy weight covered in pain. Over 15 years ago I was told I had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which I laughed at. Because back then that was a catch all excuse from doctors just as fibromyalgia was … which I also laughed at when diagnosed with that.

Well obviously laughing at it was marking me for disaster … lol. A few years after they diagnosed me with IBS I began having severe pain in my abdomen and pelvic with severe pain slicing through it at times it felt like electricity but always had a severe heavy pain to it which was constant. I remembered one day it was so severe I actually took the advice of the doctor who diagnosed me years earlier I drank metamucil and holy moly … it worked for me. I was shocked. Did I have IBS now? Because I did have serious doubt about it years earlier I was never in as much pain when I was diagnosed.

As far as IBS, I do not know what illness it originated from or if it was stand alone illness with all I had. Normally I have IBS-D (Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Diarrhea) the other form others can have is IBS-C (C = Constipation). But on average I am IBS-D with the exception when the pain kicks in like stated above then I am suspecting I am IBS-C because the metamucil helps greatly with the pain. Is there anyone else who suspects both at time?

Currently, I believe I am in a bout of IBS-C because the pain is excruciating right now. I have been having the pain since last night and will be grabbing the metamucil here shortly to relieve the pain and avoid it from getting worse. I am an odd duckling though. I am currently having diarrhea and having the pains severely but when my stomach feels bloated it is normally IBS-C. So your guess is as good as mine. The good thing is I haven’t had severe IBS symptoms for about a year so that is not too bad at all.

I do however do have diarrhea every morning, I do think that is due to the CEBV and my body trying to prepare itself for the day. When I get up too early my body fights me relentlessly. I will bounce off walls, my legs will drag, vertigo is severe, words do not come out right just to name a few.

Life is fun! LOL! Stay Strong All!



I am Asking for Prayers! Inferior Myocardial Infarction in Son.

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Earlier this week, my son went to the cardiologist and they discovered he has an inferior myocardial infarction possibly due to an abnormality in the heart. Which is normally summarized by sudden cardiac arrest in those younger than 30 years old. My son is 20 years old.

Today he is going for blood work and Monday and Tuesday he is going to have the lexus(?) nuclear tests to better evaluate his heart. They have placed him on beta blockers due to high blood pressure and a tachycardia. Needless to say I am scared out of my mind for him.

So I am asking for prayers, positive vibes for my son. Thank you and big hugs to all.

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At What Point Will My Body Collapse? How Much Pain Can It Endure?

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Since my early 20’s I have been enduring pain and fatigue on a daily basis but at what point will the body simply say “I’m Done!” The daily pain and fatigue is just the tip of the ice berg. It’s been close to 20 yrs that the pain and fatigue has continued, over 20 years if you include symptoms starting in my teens which doctors were unable to discover the reasoning for that.

All I know is everyday is a new challenge or a repeat day of symptoms. Yes I have chronic ebstein barr virus (CEBV) and it does seems to effect everything … every organ, bone, muscle, tendon and recently I heard that CEBV can effect the bone marrow and cause hypocellular bone marrow or a hypercellular bone marrow. Interesting due to me having so many bone pains. Considering I have heard that CEBV can effect everything within the body this not out of the realm of a possibility. I read something previous, years ago, about it effecting the bone marrow but unfortunately can not remember the specifics.

I know that when I do too much I do get a lot worse. One lesson I cn share with you is be sure to listen to your body. If it says lay down then do it or you will regret it. My symptoms and conditions are vast:


  • CEBV
  • Chiari 1 Malformation
  • Levoscoliosis
  • Spasmodic Torticollis
  • Gout
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Degenerative Disk Disease
  • Syringomyelia
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Factor V Leiden Mutation
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Spina bifida occulta
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • I know there are others but this is all my brain can think of at the moment.



  • Balance issues: feeling like I am being pulled to the side (mostly to the right), vertigo, sea sickness when sleeping (need more valium), (daily)
  • Tips of toes are numb on right foot, bottom of feet always in pain like walking on rocks (daily)
  • Feet/legs/hands numbing needles/pins, massive weakness in legs, (daily) (need gabapentin)
  • No feeling in various areas of body which come on suddenly such as large areas of thigh or calf,
  • All over pain and fatigue, muscle weakness, (daily)
  • Ribs -front to back, squeezing the life out of me has been coming/going a lot more,
  • Headaches (just painful not bothered by noise or lights), very painful/tender spots on head,
  • Kidney and liver pains,
  • Brain fog, problems concentrating (daily)
  • Visual disturbances: blurry, tunnel vision at times, things turn grayish like a gray lens is over my eye, stabbing pains, itchy or dry feeling, or tearing. At varying times throughout day.
  • Leg doesn’t work at times … need to drag it (mainly right leg). (daily) Legs went completely limp a year ago couldn’t feel them or move them, was in the hospital at time.
  • Spasticity/very tight throughout body. Have trouble twisting and can barely put my socks on so stiff, can barely wipe bottom after going to the bathroom, (daily)
  • Itchy and/or burning palms/feet. Also get burning sensation though out body.
  • Speech issues: stuttering, slurring words, stumbling words, babbling words which don’t even resemble words, problems getting words out. (varies throughout the day)
  • Lips, eyelids, cheeks (side of face) twitch (mostly on the right side) or they go numb also happens in other areas of body
  • Absent seizures
  • Difficulty swallowing at times and sometimes choke just breathing.
  • Ringing in ears at times (several times a week)
  • Stabbing pains
  • Swelling, burning hands and feet
  • Butterfly rash on face
  •  Positive Romberg Sign
  • Cannot walk a straight line (heal to toe)

Suspected other conditions:

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lupus
  • Lyme Disease
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

So with all this going on for over 20 years and no help and I feel my body getting weaker. Each year there is more pain and more fatigue and more symptoms. What I do not understand is how someone can be in so much pain and still live. When I was younger I could’ve never imagine being in this much pain daily. My only words to leave you with is stay strong and big hugs.

Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) from Lumbar Puncture (LP) & My Results? WTF!

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As I said in a previous post, I was in the hospital last year from April 21st to July 3rd 2016 for a chiari 1 malformation decompression surgery. All went well during the surgery they stated that once they tested my flow within the brain after cutting the hole in my head that the CSF fluid was not flowing properly and that they had to remove some webbing so they did. However, after surgery I came down with an infection which they could not discover what it was then shortly later I also had chemical meningitis from the dura patch. (I will write a separate blog post on my experience and the craziness that ensued later) However because of the infection and the chemical meningitis they were taking CSF fluid via lumbar puncture every 3-7 days. The last two has raised some concerns for me.

On June 6th 2016 my CSF LP Results. Values in Brackets [ ] are normal values. Keep in mind I still had a touch of chemical meningitis at this point … which are lower than previous values from other CSF LP results. Also, keep in mind my CSF glucose can be low because I am hypoglycemic. I am just posting those that are a concern for me which raises questions … big ones:

  • Appearance CSF: Slightly Cloudy * ABN * (due to meningitis)
  • RBC CSF [0-1 /mm3]: 0
  • WBC CSF [0-5 /mm3]: 228 *HI*
  • Glucose CSF [40-70 mg/dL]: 30 *LO*
  • Protein CSF [12-60 mg/dL]: 92 *HI*

On June 23rd 2016 my CSF LP Results. At this point my chemical meningitis has resolved but compared to the results above they show something else is going on which I still have high values or even higher than the previous results. I was released from the hospital on July 3rd 2016. So I was released with the following values. On July 1st I had another surgery for chiari 1 malformation to repair the dura due to a CSF leak also. Maybe this could account for the high values but they did not do another LP so I am not sure but I doubt it is due to that.

  • Appearance CSF: Clear (meningitis resolved)
  • RBC CSF [0-1 /mm3]: 16 *HI*
  • WBC CSF [0-5 /mm3]: 502 *HI*
  • Glucose CSF [40-70 mg/dL]: 25 *LO*
  • Protein CSF [12-60 mg/dL]: 145 *HI*

So the questions are: Is this due to CEBV? Or is it due to something else?

With all my crazy symptoms which may or may not be related to CEBV or MS or Lupus … I seriously need a new LP to rule in/out other conditions that may be coming into play.

Has anyone else had similar results and if Yes … is it just CEBV or something else? Thank you and big hugs to all.

Also, if you are seeking information on CSF results click on the tab above for “Articles” it has many resources for LP Results. Good Luck!

UPDATE: From what I understand from various MS groups and resources is that you can have the above to due MS … with regards to EBV is still questionable. Resources below:


I will update with a new post once I have completed a new LP to rule in/out MS and CEBV effecting the CSF results.


Actual Resources and Page Content:


What Is a Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein Test?
Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear bodily fluid that cushions and protects your brain and spinal cord. A CSF protein test involves taking a fluid sample from your spinal column using a needle. This procedure is known as a lumbar puncture or spinal tap.

The CSF protein test determines if there’s too much or too little protein in your CSF. Test results that indicate your protein level is higher or lower than normal can help your doctor diagnose a range of conditions. Another use for a CSF protein test is to check the amount of pressure in your spinal fluid.


Why Do I Need a Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein Test?
Your doctor will order a CSF protein test if they suspect you have a central nervous system disease such as multiple sclerosis (MS) or an infectious condition such as meningitis. CSF protein tests are also helpful when looking for signs of injury, bleeding in the spinal fluid, or vasculitis.

High levels of protein in your CSF can indicate:

aseptic meningitis
bacterial meningitis
brain abscess
brain tumor
cerebral hemorrhage
Acute alcoholism is another possible cause of high protein levels.

Low levels of protein in your CSF could mean your body is leaking cerebrospinal fluid. This could be due to a traumatic injury such as head trauma or a stabbing.



Understanding your test results
CSF cell count
Normally, there are no RBCs in the cerebrospinal fluid, and there should be no more than five WBCs per cubic millimeter of CSF.

If your fluid contains RBCs, this may indicate bleeding. It is also possible that you had a traumatic tap (blood leaked into the fluid sample during collection). If you had more than one vial collected during your lumbar puncture, these will be checked for RBC to test the bleeding diagnosis.

A high WBC count may indicate infection, inflammation, or bleeding. The associated conditions may include:

intracranial hemorrhage (bleeding in the skull)
multiple sclerosis
Differential cell count
Normal results mean that normal cell counts were found, and the counts and ratios of the various types of white blood cells were within normal range. No foreign cells were found.

Increases, however slight, in your WBC counts may indicate certain kinds of infection or disease. For example, a viral or fungal infection may cause you to have more lymphocytes.

The presence of abnormal cells may indicate cancerous tumors.


Post-test follow-up
If abnormalities are found by the CSF cell count and differential cell count, further tests may be needed. Appropriate treatment will be provided based on the condition that is found to be causing your symptoms.

If test results suggest bacterial meningitis, it is a medical emergency. Prompt treatment is essential. The doctor may put you on broad-spectrum antibiotics while conducting additional tests to find the exact cause of the infection.

MS Hug or Kidney Problems? That is the Question!


Well this past week I was having massive pain in my lower, left back where the rib cage is. Mind you, I have had the ms hug way too many times to count but holy moly it was bad. Nothing seemed to work as quickly as previous times.

The pain started last Wednesday but was mild and bearable so huh no problem. As the days past the pain started to intensify. However, I have so many body pains I tend to ignore the smaller things so I just happened to overlook the pain until Friday when I noticed it was inflaming more.

By Saturday, I didn’t want to move I was in so much pain. It was so bad, I was actually considering going to the ER and I never do that unless I am in dire straights. Because if I went every time something was wrong I’d never leave … sad but true. So because I was unsure what was causing the pain I began drinking cranberry juice and cherry juice for the kidney which normally takes the pain away or minimizes the pain within hours of drinking but I didn’t notice a difference. Then it hit me, it may be the ms hug.

The ms hug can literally hit anywhere in the rib area. It can be on one side, or a lower part of the rib cage or the whole rib cage. Believe me the whole rib cage is excruciating. So with this in mind I started placing ice packs on my breastbone and upper spine. By placing the ice packs on these areas it helps calm down the ms hug greatly compared to just meds alone. Think Of the breastbone and the upper spine like piano keys when it spasms it effects areas of the rib cage that is why placing ice packs on those areas help reduce it quicker … it helps calm it down.

I first laid down and place the ice packs on those areas for about an hour and a half during the day which isn’t long but I have a family so that is all the time I had. Later that night when I laid back down I placed ice backs on my breastbone, upper spine and on the area that hurt just in case it wasn’t the ms hug. Also, because I was unsure what the pain was coming from I did continue to drink the cranberry and cherry juice throughout the weekend.

You may be asking yourself how does cranberry and cherry juice help the kidneys. The cranberry juice is what cleans and rids the toxins from the kidneys. The cherry juice works in a similar manner but with regards to the liver. That is why I do both to help them stay healthy to avoid future complications with them. Mind you I have been doing this for over 20 years since I was 16 years old … that is when my kidney problems started and presented with pain. Also, with me having chronic EBV it can effect your liver and causes it to enlarge so a ounce of prevention is a pound of cure.

By Sunday morning, my kidney or the ms hug was a lot better than Saturday. On Saturday I was in so much pain, I felt as though I was going to collapse, my legs felt weak and wobbly and I had the shakes very badly along with the kidney / ms hug. But by Sunday the pain was greatly reduced but still very painful but bearable … Amen!

Today is Monday and I did the same routine yesterday and last night. I drank cranberry juice and cherry juice and later in the night packed myself with more ice and now this morning I am doing a lot better. It only hurts when I twist my waist but a lot more bearable. Thank you God and for all those who prayed for me. It was greatly appreciated.

So hopefully by tomorrow, the pain will be completely gone. Keeping my fingers crossed. Big hugs to all and have a beautiful week.