I have read numerous articles on trigger finger and none truly express the pain caused by it that is when it is in a flare. I joked for months (laughter is my go to for stress release) about my finger getting stuck and none the less … it is my middle finger effected.

When my trigger finger gets stuck it’s not too bad but over the last few weeks it has been extremely painful even when I do not move it. If I sleep without a splint on my finger at night it is in horrid pain in the morning and then trying to straighten it send shock waves of pain throw my body … I literally jump from the intensity.

I have read for a trigger finger it should be splinted anywhere from 4-8 weeks. Which is not possible for me especially with the normal splints. I have a child with cerebral palsy and having my finger splinted just isn’t logical.

I have however heard that splinting my finger at night does help to an extent especially with the morning episodes of not being able to open / straighten my finger. That has helped tons but the pain throughout the day is yet to be relieved. So I went to the internet for alternative solutions for splinting and I was lucky enough to find rings which are designed to help keep the finger straight but allow me to moving a little more freely which would be more practicable when doing things with my son.

Here’s the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Lovethebugs?section_id=14281342

The ones I bought was the Sterling Silver RA Splint – Silver Spiral Splint and the Sterling Silver Boutonniere Splint. These are the ones the recommended by the store owner. I am allergic to most metals in jewelry so he is crafting it to be 100% sterling silver so I do not have a reaction. Right now I am in the process of waiting for him to craft it and ship.

I am hoping for more relief once I receive it. My trigger finger and the pain it causes seems to effect my other fingers which send pain up through the pointer and ring finger when moving it.

I also read that you should splint it but also have anti-inflammatories like advil to help with inflammation.

You may also look into this video (I have not tried this as of yet) but I found it interesting: https://youtu.be/sHXz4GYfOXc

I have noticed most the time homeopathic, supplements, etc seems to help better than most prescribed meds. That is why I am recommending the video and will eventually try.

Another option I read is going to the doctors and having them give steroids injection to help with the inflammation.

Btw I have read that many who do have surgery for trigger finger eventually have it come back so I am not looking into that.

Good luck and big hugs.