CAUTION MTHFR dx: NAC Disables Epstein-Barr Virus


Or so I’ve read from the NIH trials on their website. As per the treatment/protocol for MTHFR (see tab) from the genome project, I began the suggested 600mg of NAC daily but soon realized my pain intensified and my blood pressure rose an additional 20pts daily with use. This may be due to my MTHFR or simply the EBV fighting back. Once I discontinued using NAC my blood pressure slowly returned to normal over the following two weeks.

Many conflicting articles online states that NAC does assist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and EBV but for MTHFR sufferers due to the methylation being insufficient may cause a detox reaction to NAC and other gluthiane precursors. Personally, I believe starting NAC at lower doses such as 100mg would assist with detox reactions in MTHFR sufferers.

Previously, I have used NOW FOODS Liver Detox and Rejuvenation without any ill effects even though this product does have the ingredient NAC at 100mg. I cycle with this product and Silymarin 250mg daily…3 days on the Liver Detox and 10 days on Silymarin then repeat. Plus 2-3 Epson Salt baths weekly to assist in detoxing my body of free radicals.

For those starting NAC proceed with caution regardless of your illness. NAC can cause chest pains due to the process of making your heart think it is not having enough oxygen. You may Google how NAC effects your body, it is a somewhat uneasy process.

*Always consult a physician prior to changing your regimen. For informational purposes.


Hello world! Live and Laugh with CEBV, CFS, and MTHFR!

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