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My son is very special and my heart is breaking. The reason this is big problem is my husband supports us because I have multiple chronic illnesses and my youngest son has cerebral palsy. Last year alone we had over $25,000 (which we are still paying off) in medical expenses … I had 2 brain surgeries and was in the hospital for 3 months due to complications.

My son is like my little Angel he helps me daily and assists me with his younger brother and he doesn’t complain ever and he still stays on top of his school work.

He has already completed his AA from a community college. Was on the Dean’s List and was accepted into the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. He transferred to a 4-year university, he is a junior and the loans only cover a small portion of the tuition. He is also receiving the Senatorial and Delegate Scholarship which is minimal based on the tuition. We are currently using what little remains he received from scholarships from his community college but it will be depleted within 2 months.

He has always dreamed of being a video game programmer and developer since he was a young child and it is breaking my heart because without some kind of help (a miracle) he may not be able to finish school or continue.

I am asking you not only to support his dream but to answer my prayer for him to complete college. I do not want my conditions to be the thing that disables him from getting his degree. This is breaking my heart!

Anything you can give is so greatly appreciated, more than I can express. Even a share or tweet. Thank you!